Toe Guard

With safety in mind, Racing Boy toe guard is designed to protect the rider (on road or off road) from the motorcycle chain drive system. It is a compulsory item for professional racers on track. This simple device could literally be the difference when an accident occurred.

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Toe Guard

Additional Info

  • Parts No:
    01T0001B RB TOE GUARD 50mm - BLACK
    01T0001G RB TOE GUARD 50mm - GOLD
    01T0001O RB TOE GUARD 50mm - ORANGE
    01T0001R RB TOE GUARD 50mm - RED
    01T0001S RB TOE GUARD 50mm - SILVER
    01T0001T RB TOE GUARD 50mm - TITANIUM
  • Model: LC 5S
  • Colour: Orange, Gold, Silver, Black, Red, Titanium
  • Size:


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