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Brake Disc - Steel Series (Front)

Racing Boy offers a comprehensive range of high quality steel disc plates with improved safety, performance and style for the demanding enthusiasts and racers alike. 

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Disc Plate 300

Additional Info

  • Parts No:
    01D0343B RB S/DISC 501 300 (F) YAMAHA 300MM- BK
    01D0343G RB S/DISC 501 300 (F) YAMAHA 300MM- GL
    01D0343S RB S/DISC 501 300 (F) YAMAHA 300MM- SL
    01D0347G RB S/DISC 502 300 (F) S/PRO 300MM - GL
    01D0352G RB S/DISC 503 300 (F) MODENAS 300MM- GL
    01D0355G RB S/DISC 504 300 (F) RXZ 300MM- GL
    01D0361G RB S/DISC 505 300 (F) EGO 300MM- GL
    01D0367B RB S/DISC 506 300 (F) WAVE125 300MM- BK
    01D0372G RB S/DISC 507 300 (F) RGS 300MM- GL
    01D0379G RB S/DISC 601 300 (F) YAMAHA 320MM- GL
  • Model: RGS, RXZ, Smash Pro, W125, EGO, Yamaha, Modenas
  • Colour: Gold, Silver, Black
  • Size:

    Size: 200mm, 220mm, 267mm, 300mm, 320mm

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